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World Artists United is a passionate and committed (obsessed) music + content making professional team, with the talent and drive to succeed, and the nose for creative marketing like a bear for salmon. Founded amidst the vibrant and diverse music scene in Los Angeles, forged in the heat and the melting pot of South Beach with a sprinkle of Motown flavor, we have been surrounded by an environment full of inspiration and amazing artists and entrepreneurs for World Artists United to feed off. WAU is a full-service multimedia and entertainment company, specializing in music, film & video production, artist and brand development, publishing, touring, event production, public relations and innovative cross marketing ventures.



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CBS: The Sit-Down: Nolan Carroll

by with DJ Sixsmith

The former NFL player talks with DJ Sixsmith about his life after football, playing with the Philadelphia Eagles, and the future of Carson Wentz. #Interview

Transforming Artists And Entrepreneurs Into Artrepreneurs

WAU co-founders Jalen James Acosta and Rachel Lynn Karry designed this event to cultivate a global community of art advocates and art entrepreneurs who can collaborate and innovate together.

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