December 9-10-11 2022

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Music is our "why"...

World Artists United is a passionate and committed (obsessed) music + content making professional team, with the talent and drive to succeed, and the nose for creative marketing like a bear for salmon. Founded amidst the vibrant and diverse music scene in Los Angeles, forged in the heat and the melting pot of South Beach with a sprinkle of Motown flavor, we have been surrounded by an environment full of inspiration and amazing artists and entrepreneurs for World Artists United to feed off. WAU is a full-service multimedia and entertainment company, specializing in music, film & video production, artist and brand development, publishing, touring, event production, public relations and innovative cross marketing ventures.



WAU current news

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Music Entrepreneur

CBS: The Sit-Down: Nolan Carroll

by with DJ Sixsmith

The former NFL player talks with DJ Sixsmith about his life after football, playing with the Philadelphia Eagles, and the future of Carson Wentz. #Interview


Transforming Artists And Entrepreneurs Into Artrepreneurs

ME co-founders Jalen James Acosta and Rachel Lynn Karry designed this event to cultivate a global community of art advocates and art entrepreneurs who will collaborate and innovate together.


Have a Look

It's very simple. We are paving the road map to lead you to the promised land...

where you will finally EAT FROM YOUR DREAM. 

Because it really did began with a simple dream...

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