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Most of you will HATE this but, here's the BRUTAL truth...

YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR BRIDGE, TO FINALLY CROSS OVER THRU TO THE TOLL OF SUCCESS...what’s the DESTINATION? Great relationships & an easier path to HAPPINESS oh, and the money is at the same address too.. Here’s the thing....most of you are not only not’re stuck in a parking lot of broken dreams and the traffic of are not using the bridges of opportunities in front of you...the detours and shortcuts that networking can provide are being wasted...YOU are NOT using, NOR building, those bridges and connecting highways of potential leads. Some of you are actually BURNING BRIDGES. I SAY, SOME OF YOU even have a closed sign on those bridges, never allowing OTHERS T

IF you're not promoting your friend's dream, you are hating on it… #TRUTHBOMB

IF YOU’RE NOT FANNING MY FLAME, YOU’RE DOUSING MY FIRE. ONE DAY YOU’LL EITHER COOK WITH MY FIRE OR BURN IN MY FLAMES 🔥 You need to recognize greatness in others, PERIOD. People with the #Mambamentality are going to start the 🔥 WITH or WITHOUT YOU. That’s a Promise. So pay attention and bring value and support to someone else’s vision and it will come back to yours. #WAU 🚀 @musicentrepreneur The same people you look down at from the top, are the same people you’ll reach up for help on the way down... #StayHumble Here’s a couple of personal things about me you should know:: 1: I’m not a YES MAN. I’ll always speak my mind. 2: I’ve got the Eye of the Tiger. Prob one of the most competitive pe

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