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Most of you will HATE this but, here's the BRUTAL truth...

YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR BRIDGE, TO FINALLY CROSS OVER THRU TO THE TOLL OF SUCCESS...what’s the DESTINATION? Great relationships & an easier path to HAPPINESS oh, and the money is at the same address too..

Here’s the thing....most of you are not only not’re stuck in a parking lot of broken dreams and the traffic of are not using the bridges of opportunities in front of you...the detours and shortcuts that networking can provide are being wasted...YOU are NOT using, NOR building, those bridges and connecting highways of potential leads. Some of you are actually BURNING BRIDGES. I SAY, SOME OF YOU even have a closed sign on those bridges, never allowing OTHERS TO CROSS & connect to the other side of the thing they're missing. That last piece of the puzzle, you know... the one you're sitting on.

Bridges are meant to be crossed, like planes are meant to be flown...IF a bridge isn’t used, it collects rust & will collapse. If a plane isn’t flown it will collect rust, by the time you wanna fly it will crash or/and be decommissioned. In this same way, relationships are meant to be built like bridges, and value brought back and forth between those different connections like a flowing bridge during 2am traffic...SMOOTH....sometimes it doesn’t even matter that it’s slow, it only matters that it’s moving! Open for business!

So...a couple of points and a quick story about this pic...

#1:: @obj is THE BEST ALL AROUND PLAYER in the game PERIOD. GO #Browns❗️💯 (shut up) 😂

#2:: @youngdexta is THE BEST PAINTER

You probably haven’t heard of, you most likely haven’t bought a piece from and you will def regret not being a part of his journey early. #BUYART people❗️#handpaintedbydex

Here’s the life lessons behind this picture and it’s relevance.

***This is the definition of never burning a bridge.

A long time ago I met this young man, his name is Rafael. He’s known as #YoungDex or #YoungDexta in some

Circles because he’s like the Latin