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Most of you will HATE this but, here's the BRUTAL truth...

YOUR NETWORK IS YOUR BRIDGE, TO FINALLY CROSS OVER THRU TO THE TOLL OF SUCCESS...what’s the DESTINATION? Great relationships & an easier path to HAPPINESS oh, and the money is at the same address too..

Here’s the thing....most of you are not only not’re stuck in a parking lot of broken dreams and the traffic of are not using the bridges of opportunities in front of you...the detours and shortcuts that networking can provide are being wasted...YOU are NOT using, NOR building, those bridges and connecting highways of potential leads. Some of you are actually BURNING BRIDGES. I SAY, SOME OF YOU even have a closed sign on those bridges, never allowing OTHERS TO CROSS & connect to the other side of the thing they're missing. That last piece of the puzzle, you know... the one you're sitting on.

Bridges are meant to be crossed, like planes are meant to be flown...IF a bridge isn’t used, it collects rust & will collapse. If a plane isn’t flown it will collect rust, by the time you wanna fly it will crash or/and be decommissioned. In this same way, relationships are meant to be built like bridges, and value brought back and forth between those different connections like a flowing bridge during 2am traffic...SMOOTH....sometimes it doesn’t even matter that it’s slow, it only matters that it’s moving! Open for business!

So...a couple of points and a quick story about this pic...

#1:: @obj is THE BEST ALL AROUND PLAYER in the game PERIOD. GO #Browns❗️💯 (shut up) 😂

#2:: @youngdexta is THE BEST PAINTER

You probably haven’t heard of, you most likely haven’t bought a piece from and you will def regret not being a part of his journey early. #BUYART people❗️#handpaintedbydex

Here’s the life lessons behind this picture and it’s relevance.

***This is the definition of never burning a bridge.

A long time ago I met this young man, his name is Rafael. He’s known as #YoungDex or #YoungDexta in some

Circles because he’s like the Latin #JayZ and deservingly so, has many nicknames to prove it & that fit... 😂 anyhow, over the years we have always uplifted each other and dreamt out loud around each other and always, absolutely always encouraged one another. Over the years we have done some cool things, and some have come up short...but no matter what, absolutely always...we have stayed friends regardless of business, family or friends that have disappointed us or circumstances that didn’t work out, our friendship wasn’t based on things or in business. Admiration and a sense of understanding one another has been more important.

You know those people that ONLY ride with you when things are going well? He’s not that. You know the ones that stop writing to you or replying to you when things go awry? He’s not that. You know the ones that scream your failures & whisper your accomplishments? He’s def not that. He isn’t a bandwagon friend/fan.

He is someone that can recognize someone else’s dream is just as important and valuable to talk about as his own.

So when he wanted to meet one of his favorite players, and get to know the family of someone I deeply admire and happen to know well in @Obj + @odellbeckhamsr aka #pops, and when he wanted to put time for his incredible talent to come up with this hand painted masterpiece, my brother (@brawleyconscience) and I made sure that it happened. That he got to meet his fav player who is someone he admired and he put time and effort into with his talent.

We opened that bridge. We let him cross it. There was no interest behind that. No, “let me see what i can get if i hook him up” no...just the simple thing of watching two friends rejoice in each other’s presence and admire each other’s work, was great. Watching someone you care about be happy should be enough...and if it were a business transaction from the beginning, I’m sure Dex would’ve taken care of me and my brother. But it wasn’t about that for any of us. It is important to never block the dreams of those around you. Instead ask how you can be of service to that dream. Fuel it. Open that bridge and let them cross it.

I will always tap into my network for the people that deserve it. As a matter of fact, over the years Dex has continued to do the same for me. Setting up phone calls and meetings with people in HIS network. That’s the way it works people. So thanks Dex for being real.

Let me be real with you now...Connecting dots is the only way you will grow your net worth. But some of you are sitting on incredible networks of people doing absolutely nothing, when some of your own family and friends are literally sitting on gold mines. It's like being locked up in a supermarket during a hurricane and starving❗️

So from here on...Let’s fuel ⛽️ other people’s dreams and open the highways of possibilities. Let’s build those bridges and open up the network. YOUR idea or talent may not be THE RIGHT FIT for your contacts or what your connect invests into, but just because yours isn’t, doesn’t mean that your friend's won't be...don’t deny passage thru these bridges!

Don’t speak for the other side of the bridge, don’t say they won’t be able to cross...maybe their dream has a visa that your passport simply doesn’t.


This year I’m ready to give away a #DreamVisa for YOUR dream.

Who needs one?

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@youngDex presents @OBj aka Odell Beckham Jr with a hand painted masterpiece.
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